About SocieCity

Founded in 2011 by  Patrick M. Lydon (USA) and Suhee Kang (Korea), SocieCity is an ecological art and media lab that works with an international cast of collaborators and organizations across multiple disciplines. You can read more about our partners on the Team page.

What we Do

We provide ways for people to intuitively re-connect with the environment in which they dwell. Our work takes place in two main focus areas:

  • Stories / articles, essays, and films that illuminate the transitions of people, nature, and place
  • Actions / art exhibitions & installations, workshops & community building projects that are artist-led and centered around local ecology, nature, and culture, yet informed by global knowledge and networks

Our Goal

To build resilient cultural roots for long-term social and ecological well-being.

Etymology of ‘SocieCity’

Socie : /səˈsaɪ.ə/ from Latin ‘socius’ (sharing, community, kindred)
City : /ˈsɪti/ from Latin ‘civis’ (to settle, home, love)

The name SocieCity is a call to re-connect ourselves as communities, not only within our cities, but within our larger biological home and human settlement, known as Earth.

Contact Us

To talk with us about speaking engagements, exhibitions, environmental art installations, workshops, or other ideas, send a note to director@sociecity.org