About SocieCity

Launched in 2011 by art and ecology practitioners Patrick Lydon and Suhee Kang, SocieCity is an international collective of artists, writers, and other professionals who are taking creative actions to inspire empathic relationships between people and the environments in which they live.

Our work manifests itself through:

  • Stories / in-depth articles, essays, and films that illuminate the transitions of people, nature, and place
  • Actions / artist-led workshops, exhibitions, installations, and community building projects that are centered around local ecology and culture, yet informed by global knowledge and networks

Our goal is to build resilient cultural roots from which long-term social and ecological well-being can grow across political, economic, and geographic boundaries.

To contact us about speaking engagements, exhibitions, workshops, or other ideas you might have, send an email to patrick@sociecity.org and let us know what you’re thinking.