The Branch

SocieCity presents “The Branch,” an international, cooperatively-run hub for art, ecology, community, and inspiring tomorrow, located in Osaka, Japan.

Founded and run by Patrick M. Lydon, an environmental artist from the USA, and Suhee Kang, an author and herbalist from Korea, The Branch is a space for art, ecology, community, and inspiring tomorrow located in Osaka, Japan.

Featuring a gallery space, natural herb garden, community cafe, and environmental media lab, we host regular workshops, forums, and boundary-pushing art exhibitions, all aimed at re-connecting more us more deeply to the beauty of the world we live in.

We are scheduled to open in MARCH 2018! Your donation to The Branch will help us open a beautiful space for art and ecology to the public.

** 2018年3月オープン予定 **

日本、韓国、アメリカより集まったアーティスト達が共同で運営するマルチシェアスペース。コミュニティカフェ、 北加賀屋と日本各地・世界を繋げるための展示スペース、豊かなライフスタイルやエコロジーを提案するためのワークショップスペース、環境メディア制作のスタジオスペースなど活動内容は多岐にわたる。

Construction Updates

From December 2017 – March 2018, we will be working on interior construction and remodeling of the gallery space. All of the work will be done by our own hands, and those of friends and volunteers. You can read about one of the adventures on Patrick’s Blog, or check out the images of our progress below…

The Branch, Osaka - Construction update for week 4

The Branch, Osaka - Construction update for week 3

The Branch, Osaka - Construction update for weeks 1&2

Why Art and Ecology?

Finding real, actionable paths to long-term environmental well being is the greatest and most serious challenge that human beings face today. Rather than seeing this challenge as daunting however, we envision it as a creative, enlightening, and engaging process of re-imagining our roles as human beings with this earth. It is in this context that art — in all its possible forms, from painting and music to science and farming — must take on a central role.

“I’m enough of an artist to draw freely on my imagination … knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.”
Albert Einstein

Our Core Values

Our work at The Branch pairs a deeply-engaged environmental awareness together with boundary-pushing art exhibitions, community-engaged works, and eye-opening media, all of it working to help society re-imagine an equitable future.

  • Re-Connecting People with Nature
    The roots of sustainable action begin from realizing that we are a part of nature (even in the city!) and asking ourselves what role we want to play within this ecosystem to which we belong.
  • Fostering Compassion and Empathy
    Building empathic relationships between ourselves and the world around us (human, plant, and otherwise) the paths to resilient, sustainable, equitable lifestyles on this planet are truly endless. Though we have an international focus, we also maintain a responsibility to engage with the residents in our local community to serve their needs as well.
  • Cultivating Empathic Dialogues
    What needs to change? How do we re-write the rules to build a truly sustainable culture? What role do cities play? Experiencing and understanding the thoughts, minds, and actions of other people on this earth helps us find both common roots, and beautifully varied answers to these questions.
“The purpose of life … is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our Core Activities

  • Workshops and Classes
    From gardens, yoga, and meditation to art, craft, and media, we are a hub for sharing knowledge across borders of nationality, ethnicity, and personal beliefs.
  • Artist Residencies and Exhibitions
    A healthy forum for boundary-pushing art and creativity forms the core of social and ecological reform. Our residencies bring locals and internationals together, hosting time and space for experiences and dialogues with people who think differently than you.
  • Media Production
    Already well-published across a wide variety of media, the new center gives us space to expand our current abilities, and to share the success stories that abound in Japan and around the world through writing, film, and art.


We are located in the Kitakagaya neighborhood of Osaka, Japan, a short 3 minute walk from Kita-Kagaya Station, Exit 4 (Yotsubashi Subway Line). By subway, Kitakagaya is 11 minutes away from Namba, and 20 minutes from Umeda.

MAP / Find your way to The Branch in Kitakagaya, Osaka, Japan

Hours: Wednesday–Sunday, 9am–5pm

The Branch
2-8-20 Kitakagaya
Suminoe-ku, Osaka 〒559-0011